It all began in 2011…

In February of 2011, our baby boy Elliott was born. He had a turbulent birth and spent some time in the NICU before being released home. Three months later, a rash appeared on his face. At first, it was just a small patch around his eye, but in a very short period, it rapidly spread all over his body.

His pediatrician at the time said it was just contact dermititis (eczema) and that it would go away if we just changed our laundry detergent. This wasn’t the case. Over the next few months, we desperately tried everything we could to relieve the pain and discomfort from our child’s body.

But, his skin worsened. It wept and bled- he developed staph infection multiple times. We saw 14 doctors over 9 months time and used more prescription creams than I’d like to admit. At 12 months old, he was tested for food allergies. More than 50 foods came back positive! I knew this was going to be a challenge- not only would I have to check every food and skincare label for his allergens and sensitivities, I would have to inform and train friends, family, and care-givers about how to care for him.

Though we were able to eliminate Elliott’s internal allergens, external elements still irritated and flared his eczema. His dermitologist suggested a mainstream soap that was unscented, saying it was the “best option” for his skin. After this soap continually irritating him, I looked up the ingredients (as they tend to be cryptic on the labels themselves). I was alarmed at all the irritants and ingredients linked to other conditions (such as cancer!). So, I went to the natural market and quickly realized that there was often little difference in the natural products and the mainstream ones.

I quickly realized he would need some very specific skin care- something that was moisturizing for his skin but also free of skin irritants and allergens. And, I wanted something natural, after all this was going on my baby’s skin. That’s when I began researching soaps, lotions, and essential oils. Soon after, the Elliott soap was born. With more research, the Elliott salve and body butter joined the regiment for our son.

When people began seeing Elliott’s skin clear, they became curious about the products we used with him. Many, after hearing that I was making his soap and moisturizers, asked about trying it themselves. At some point, I realized there was a definite need and Keller Works began to take form. Since then, we’ve landed our products on the shelves of local and regional retailers, including Whole Foods Market; moved from our kitchen to a shop/warehouse; added to both our immediate family as well as our company family; expanded our line to include many different natural products; and gathered a healthy group of friends that have been positively affected by Keller Works’ products.

We look forward to bringing these products to you, too!

  • Krystn Keller
    Founder and CEO