Chillax Magnesium Oil


Nearly 85% of the population has a magnesium deficiency. Lack of this essential mineral can cause numerous negative impacts on your health like anxiety, ADHD, constipation, muscle aches and cramps, PMS, and insomnia just to name a few. Magnesium is best when its absorbed through the skin rather than taken internally. Our spray can be applied to your feet at night before bed, on your arms or trunk for a mid-day refresher, or directly on and aching muscle. Our oils are 50/50 magnesium chloride and water, so be sure to dilute them for sensitive skin and babies. Skin may turn red and tingle upon application. This spray also contains a light blend of our Chillax essential oil blend. NOT FOR INTERNAL USE


Ingredients: Magnesium chloride, water, and essential oils.