Wet wrap therapy is an intensive treatment for severe Eczema. This process will rehydrate and soothe skin overnight. Clinical studies have show a 71% improvement after treatment. The process involves wrapping the irritated skin with wet dressings, ointments, and then securing with dry dressings.

For arms and legs, we recommend using tubular bandages. They slide on like a big sock and stay in place. Cotton Gloves work really well for hand eczema, and gauze can be used to wrap around the face. For little ones, we suggest they wear a cotton onesies to keep the wraps in place.

We suggest using our Elliott’s Eczema Care set for this process. Wet wrapping is best after a warm bath with Elliott’s Soap. Gently pat skin dry leaving slightly damp and apply Elliott’s Body Butter all over. Follow with Elliott’s Salve on dry, irritated patches. Soak dressings in warm water, squeeze water out, then wrap over the salve. Follow with a dry bandage or covering to hold in place.

Here is an excellent description of how to do Wet Wrap Therapy: